Fashion Update… (you’ll need one!)

Now, it is almost beginning to be Spring- Practically it is. Every now and then, You will need a… (Don… Don…Don…) A FASHION UPDATE!!!  

Normally you wouldn’t get a fashion update but, Lucky Ducks! Now you do!!! So… shall we get started?

First, the Shirt. You want to have  the right color because, all the heat reflects off the sun and into the dark-colored shirt. So normally you should wear a pink or a blue or a cute white sweatshirt. Or something like that- you get the point, right? Once your friends see you, they will want the same. 

Pants. For your pants I would have to tell you- don’t wear tight pants. It will hurt and… you will technically be showing off. So here are some recommended stores to go. Lulu Lemon, Aritzia, and there are a lot more places to go to. 

Shoes. For the shoes, you’ll want to have comfortable ones because,if your out late, you’ll need them.

But I think that’s all for today. Have fun with your shopping trend!


What is HOPE?

Hope is everywhere!  -Alix

Hope is believing in yourself.  -Claire

Hope is everywhere including you!  -Kathryn

Hope is something that you believe you can do that wish could happen!  -Lauren

Hope is something that you wish could happen.  -Ella

Hope is something cool!  -Sydney

Hope is something that is true to you.  -Silvia

Hope is when you have confidence in yourself that you can do something.  -Julia

Hope is wishing yourself GOOD LUCK!  -Sophia

Hope is knowing that there’s a possibility of something to come. Miss Solomon

Book Review: Whatever After, Dream On

Whatever After: Dream On

Would you like it if you got sucked into a magic mirror and went into different fairy tales? Well- I can tell you, it wouldn’t be fun. 

In this book “Whatever after; Dream On” by Sarah Mlynowski, Abbey and Jonah have a magic mirror in their basement and every night they want to go check it out and then each time they knock 3 times and a fairy named, Maryrose sucks then into the mirror and end up in a fairytale and then they mess up every fairytale every time that they go into a fairytale the mess up the story!

Did Abbey and Jonah mess up another fairytale?

Read to find out. 


My annoying days

How to get annoyed…

I have gotten so annoyed before from a lot of things like…

  • My crush likes someone else
  • Getting a bad score on my math test
  • Having to do homework.

But right now let me tell you about how my crush liked someone else- in fact it was my best friend that he liked.

But one day, I was walking up the stares and then I saw my best friend covering her mouth so then, I asked her what was wrong and she said that my crush, liked HER. I started getting so mad and furious and my cheeks got as red as a tomato. I then started to tell lots of people and they already knew about it and I got embarrassed.So then in the lunch line I started talking to him and he actually admitted that he liked my friend but my friend doesn’t even like him because she already has a boyfriend and she got really embarrassed after she heard that he liked her. And ever since that day, I’ve been trying to get him to stop liking her and move on to someone else…  (KEY: me)


Fashion is fabulous! You should always keep that in your mind…

Fashion is everywhere. It’s in you’re hair and in you’re clothes and even in you’re style. You can get fashion any where that you think of… here. Let me tell you some of them…

  • LuLu Lemon
  • Justice
  • iviva
  • brothers  (for boys)

Fashion is something that you can always have in your mind. You can always depend on fashion… I personally love Lulu Lemon because those are my type of pants that are comfortable. I latterly bought the whole store! But what matters is that you love what your style is no matter what other people say!



Dogs or cats?


I personally think dogs because they’re more cute… but some dogs are not well-behaved. Most cats are cute but I only like the big, fat fluffy cats. I don’t know why I like dogs AND cats both but I just do. IRL I have a dog and she is on a diet with no treats allowed.

   Lots of my friends have cats but most of them have dogs. My best friend has a Brown Lab mix. He is very old but I don’t know how old he is. My other friend has an Orange cat named Sniffers. He is adorable!

Here are some dog tips:

  • If your dog isn’t trained I wouldn’t take him/her off the leash…
  • If your dog is on a diet ask your dogs’ vet if he/she can have treats…
  • If the owner doesn’t know how to train their dog then they can go to Dog Training.