I personally think dogs because they’re more cute… but some dogs are not well-behaved. Most cats are cute but I only like the big, fat fluffy cats. I don’t know why I like dogs AND cats both but I just do. IRL I have a dog and she is on a diet with no treats allowed.

   Lots of my friends have cats but most of them have dogs. My best friend has a Brown Lab mix. He is very old but I don’t know how old he is. My other friend has an Orange cat named Sniffers. He is adorable!

Here are some dog tips:

  • If your dog isn’t trained I wouldn’t take him/her off the leash…
  • If your dog is on a diet ask your dogs’ vet if he/she can have treats…
  • If the owner doesn’t know how to train their dog then they can go to Dog Training.