How to get annoyed…

I have gotten so annoyed before from a lot of things like…

  • My crush likes someone else
  • Getting a bad score on my math test
  • Having to do homework.

But right now let me tell you about how my crush liked someone else- in fact it was my best friend that he liked.

But one day, I was walking up the stares and then I saw my best friend covering her mouth so then, I asked her what was wrong and she said that my crush, liked HER. I started getting so mad and furious and my cheeks got as red as a tomato. I then started to tell lots of people and they already knew about it and I got embarrassed.So then in the lunch line I started talking to him and he actually admitted that he liked my friend but my friend doesn’t even like him because she already has a boyfriend and she got really embarrassed after she heard that he liked her. And ever since that day, I’ve been trying to get him to stop liking her and move on to someone else…  (KEY: me)