Now, it is almost beginning to be Spring- Practically it is. Every now and then, You will need a… (Don… Don…Don…) A FASHION UPDATE!!!  

Normally you wouldn’t get a fashion update but, Lucky Ducks! Now you do!!! So… shall we get started?

First, the Shirt. You want to have  the right color because, all the heat reflects off the sun and into the dark-colored shirt. So normally you should wear a pink or a blue or a cute white sweatshirt. Or something like that- you get the point, right? Once your friends see you, they will want the same. 

Pants. For your pants I would have to tell you- don’t wear tight pants. It will hurt and… you will technically be showing off. So here are some recommended stores to go. Lulu Lemon, Aritzia, and there are a lot more places to go to. 

Shoes. For the shoes, you’ll want to have comfortable ones because,if your out late, you’ll need them.

But I think that’s all for today. Have fun with your shopping trend!